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Dia Dornyai

Private Flexibility Training For Adults

For ALL Levels!

Private flexibility training is a great option if you’re just starting your bendy journey or feel stuck in your progress and 100% of the focus to improve.

Whether you want to do the front split or side split, work on your shoulder or back flexibility, or want to be able to touch your toes in an L-sit, the whole flexibility training will be customized and targeted toward your goals while also considering your current condition.

You can also benefit from active flexibility training if you’re looking to boost your athletic performance, enhance recovery after a gym workout, ease back pain, improve the quality of your everyday life, or just enjoy yourself in your body!

Benefits of Private Flexibility Training

Focus on Your Goals

You have a specific goal you want to work on, and now you get the support to reach positive results within a reasonable time!

Flexibility of Time

While group sessions lack flexibility due to their fixed time & date, you can schedule your 1:1 flexibility training sessions in the most suitable slots - daytime, evening, weekdays, or weekends, I got you covered!

Instant Feedback

Group sessions can be limited in certain ways. However, you receive full attention during our personalized 1:1 training sessions. As a result, you'll achieve your milestones and goals faster and more efficiently.

More Free Time

If you prefer working on your flexibility online from the comfort if your home, you can save a lot of time on traveling and getting ready for class, which gives you a meaningful amount of extra free time to enjoy! And if you happen to "forget something at home", it's not an issue. 😉

New Venue In The UK Coming Soon

As I'll move back to the UK in July, I'd like to find a venua where I can organize our local flexibility class - I'll keep you updated. I'll also restart our Online Flexibility Classes as soon as I'm back! 🙂

Private Flexibility Training is for you, if you want to

Flexibility Privates Include

Single Session

£ 75 / session
  • A Good Start For Newbies
  • Zero Commitments
  • Pay As You Go


£ 300 / pack
  • Start Getting Serious
  • Save Up To £75
  • Valid Till 6 Weeks
SAVE UP TO £250!


£ 500 / pack
  • Best For The Committed
  • Save Up To £250
  • Valid Till 3 Months

Private Sessions - FAQ​

How do the classes work?

In-Person Classes: We meet up at a pre-arranged place that’s suitable for our class goals.

Online Classes: We use Google Meet as our video meeting platform during our training which is easily accessible from your PC or any mobile device. I recommend using a bigger screen so you can see more of the instruction, but plenty of people join on their phones. Easy as that.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Private lessons can be rescheduled up to 12 hours before the scheduled start time. If you cancel less than 12 hours before class or you’re absent without notifying, no refund is given.

Do I need props & do you provide any?

Some proves are provided, but be sure to have a yoga mat at least, and it can be handy to invest into a couple of yoga blocks, a strap, and elastic bands. However, you can always get creative here and there (e.g. use books instead of blocks, or a bathrobe belt instead of a strap)!

What's The Language of The Sessions?

Private session can be held in English or Hungarian.

I'm Under 18, Can I Work With You?

Currently all classes and privates are for adults (18+) only.

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