Dia Dornyai

Dia Dornyai

Hey, I'm Dia!

Dia Dornyai - Lifestyle Therapist Inspiring Women to Love Their Bodies

I’m a lifestyle therapist inspiring women to love their bodies.

Since we, women, are cyclical beings, it’s more important than anything to dive into the depths of menstrual health and change our perspective towards our monthly cycle and get back in harmony with it. Since following the rhythms of our menstrual cycle is the natural way of our being and living, it is also the way for us to achieve abundant health.

As a woman myself, I carry my own experiences in terms of my menstrual cycle and past experiences related to my femininity. By combining these past events of mine with the knowledge I’ve cultivated so far, I’m delighted to be a guide in fellow women’s healing journeys – not limited to physical levels but submerging deeper and deeper.

My Story...

Like many other women, I used to suffer from irregular menstrual cycles and painful periods. I remember, I even used to be afraid when I was getting closer to the start of my moon days since I used to have horrible cramps, and all I could do was hit the bed for a day or two, crying in pain.

Certainly, as anybody else would do in my case, I listened to the opinions of different doctors and gynaecologists to find a solution. However, their “best” advice was to take some painkillers and try birth control pills. I felt sad and devastated, thinking, “is treating my symptoms with ibuprofen and artificial hormones the only and real solution?” – I just couldn’t accept these as facts.

In 2019, after learning about my female cycle through an Ayurvedic and holistic perspective, I started applying its wisdom straight away. This included reinventing my diet, workout, daily routine and lifestyle, all in alignment with the different phases of my moon cycle.

In a very short time, I noticed the amazing benefits not only within my body but on a mental and emotional level, as well! What a relief it was to enjoy the retreating qualities of my menstruation days without any cramps or pain! Furthermore, reinventing the relationship with my menstrual cycle and living accordingly has been also helping me in my healing ever since!

My Mission...

Now, I devote my time and efforts to constantly improving myself, so I can bring more abundance to my health and support fellow women with my work, as well.

My goal is to support you on your journey of rediscovering yourself and your monthly cycle. As you walk along your journey, you’ll learn to love and embrace your femininity, and enjoy yourself being a woman to the fullest!

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