Dia Dornyai

Dia Dornyai

Hey, I'm Dia!

Dia Dornyai - Flexibility Coach - Flexibility Training & Mobility Training - Backbends & Splits

I inspire those who want to get flexible as an adult, bend the rules, and stretch the limits!

I have over 7 years of experience in flexibility and mobility as a yoga practitioner and teacher. I’m also a newbie contortionist which further implies my love of working on my body and bringing out its potential.

Though I still can’t sit on my head, I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience in getting more flexible and mobile with those who’re just starting out or got stuck in their flexibility training – whether it’s about front splits, middle splits, or back bending in bridge pose.

Why Train with Dia?

Learn from The Comfort of Your Home

If you want to get more flexible and mobile but can't find any relevant classes nearby, maybe commuting time limits you or you just don't feel comfortable training in person at a group class, THIS is your place! During our 1:1 online bendy workouts, you'll be able to reach your flexy goals without going to a group class!

If You're a Newbie or a Stuck One

Whether you're just starting out to get flexible, someone who wants to start as an adult (like I did), or got stuck in your training and progress, I'll be your personal flexibility coach!

Get a Bendy Back & Flexy Hips

Our 1:1 online training will either focus on back bending and spinal flexibility or achieving frontal splits and side splits (aka straddle). However, we can bend the "rules" and work both on your backbends and splits!

Focus on Active Flexibility Training

By emphasizing active flexibility training, we ensure that you will not only get more flexible and mobile but learn to strengthen and support yourself in the poses without flopping!

7+ Years of Experience

With several years of experience as a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, and a newbie contortionist, I'm happy to share everything I've learned to help you get more flexible and mobile in less time than I did!