Dia Dornyai

Dia Dornyai

Hey, I'm Dia!

Dia Dornyai - Lifestyle Therapist Inspiring Women to Love Their Bodies

A lifestyle therapist

Inspiring Women to Love Their Bodies.

If you want to improve your feminine well-being with exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and other similar therapy tools, I got you covered! Aaand if you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle, I’ll also teach you how to reconnect with your natural rhythm and enhance your true female qualities along the way!

🤸‍♀️ MOVE Your Body!
🥗 NOURISH Your Body!
💖 LOVE Your Body!

Get Ready to...

Explore the Therapeutic Aspects of Exercise

Looking for the therapeutic benefits of exercise and movement for your health & well-being?

From an Ayurvedic and holistic perspective, we apply yoga poses and other forms of exercise as a healing therapy tool - personally tailored to you.

Learn More About Your Body & Its Functions

Instead of blindly accepting statements and different prescriptions, you want to understand what processes happen in your body and why?

As a woman myself, I've been exploring my body since I was born and keeping myself educated further and further. With my first-hand experience and the knowledge I've cultivated so far, I'm here to share the tools and know-how about the female body with you. As a result, you'll understand how we, women, are cyclical beings and why we all shall respect this fact.

Discover Alternative Approaches to Hormonal Issues

Interested in supporting your hormonal balance naturally and holistically?

I believe, real and long-term health could only manifest if we consider not only the physical body and its symptoms, but adding the mind and spirit, and observe the whole picture. Furthermore, I work in an action-oriented system, and my goal is to help you understand what we do and why. Hence, the knowledge you gain along the way could support you in your harmonious life.

Get Support in Healing Your Femininity

Don't know where to start bonding with the woman inside of you?
Do you come across challenges regarding your female cycle, relationship, or health?

Understanding the moon cycle could give you a start on the road. Along your feminine self-discovery journey, your inner light could glow up again, healing the wounds of your femininity, such as relationship challenges, health, mother wounds, and intimacy.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Among many trending lifestyle change programs you just feel more and more lost?
After many disappointments, have you realized that any diet or program with an expiry date won't lead to your goals?

I've been applying the 5,000-year-old traditions and wisdom of Ayurveda with a contemporary perspective in my own life for many years. With this experience, I support you in building your personalized diet, exercise, lifestyle, and various other therapy tools into your everyday life.

Get the Most Out of Yourself

You're trying to make the most of your performance but feel that something is missing?
You're looking for a way to support yourself and your health throughout the whole month?

I work with women based on tuning their daily activities to different phases of their menstrual cycle. Since we, women, are cyclical beings, this is the best way I know to get performance, health, joy, and harmony all in one package.

Explore the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Are you aware of the side effects of different foods, such as animal products, in general? Do you have a hard time switching to a plant-based (vegan) diet?

As I became a vegetarian in 2016, and since 2022, I've been experiencing the countless benefits of a low-fat whole food plant-based diet - especially when it comes to my menstrual cycle. I'll support you in your transition to a healthier diet that boosts your all-around wellness.

Get a Boost to Take Action

You're ready to take action for yourself to achieve your goals and just need that extra motivation along the way?

Whether it's lifestyle change, transitioning to plant-based diet, or personalized trainings, I will be by your side guiding you across each of your milestones and leading you toward your goals.

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