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Flexibility Training For Adults

Inspiring You To Bend Your Body!

Flexibility Training Options

In-person & Online

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Why Do Flexibility Training with Dia?

Get a Bendy Back & Flexy Hips - or Touch Your Toes

Our in-person and online flexibility training privates and classes focus on back bending and spinal flexibility, achieving front split and side split, or touching your toes from a standing forward fold pose with straight legs.

Recover Fast After Workouts & Boost Your Potentials

You can also benefit from mobility and flexibility training if you’re looking to boost your athletic performance, enhance recovery after a gym workout, or improve the quality of your everyday life.

You're a Newbie or Feel Stuck

Whether you're just starting out to get flexible, someone who wants to start as an adult (like I did), or feel stuck in your training and progress, I'm inviting you to try either one of my flexibility classes or start a private training session.

Focus on Active Flexibility Training

By emphasizing active flexibility training, we ensure that you will not only get more flexible and mobile but learn to strengthen and support yourself in the poses without flopping!

7+ Years of Flexibility Experience

I've practiced yoga for over 7 years and have a yoga teacher and therapist background. During my journey, I got more interested and excited about the potentials of the physical body when it comes to flexibility. Hence, I switched to flexibilty training and helping others bend their body.

Learn from The Comfort of Your Home

If you want to get more flexible but can't find any relevant classes nearby, maybe commuting time limits you, or you just don't feel comfortable training in person, just tune in!

Multi-Language Trainings

If you're looking for an interesting fitness class where you can feel at ease by just understanding and speaking in English, these flexibility classes are the one for you! However, private sessions are also offered in Hungarian on request!

Dia Also Got (and is Still Getting More) Flexible as an Adult

As a kid, I dreamt of being as flexible as one of my classmates at school who was a gymnast, but I was shy to go to classes. However, it wasn't late to start my flexibility training as an adult and do splits, backbends like bridge pose, and other bendy poses! If I can do it, YOU can, too!

New Venue In The UK Coming Soon!

As I'll move back to the UK in July, I'd like to find a venue where I can organize our local flexibility class - I'll keep you updated. I'll also restart our Online Flexibility Classes as soon as I'm back! 😊