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Dia Dornyai

Lifestyle Therapy

Lifestyle therapy is a great solution for women who want to enhance their menstrual health and feminine qualities, and explore and improve their lifestyle at their own pace!

Online lifestyle therapy applies diet, exercise, and lifestyle change tools on a holistic for all-round menstrual cycle health, hormonal balance, and reconnection with your natural rhythm!

Benefits of Lifestyle Therapy

Relieving Period Pain & Discomfort

Have you been suffering from period pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) for a long time?

I will help you create a different connection with your menstrual cycle. As we go along this holistic process, we observe deeper than the physical level and discover the ROOTS of your issues.

Balancing Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Have issues with irregular, often totally unpredictable cycles?

By applying the therapy tools of Ayurveda, we will help your body in inviting harmony back by supporting it with physical, mental, and emotional work, as well. Furthermore, you'll learn the connection between the moon cycle and your own, and how to work with it for true health and wellness.

Alternative Approaches to Hormonal Imbalances & Diseases

Have you been encountering different women's health issues, such as cysts, PCOS, PMS, or endometriosis?

By putting high importance on working with the emotional background next to the physical body and its symptoms, we get a deeper understanding of what happens to you and why, which could support your overall healing and well-being.

Embracing Yourself & Your Femininity

Don't know where to start bonding with the woman inside of you?
Do you come across challenges regarding your female cycle, relationship, or health?

Understanding the Moon cycle could give you a great start on the road. Along your female self-discovery journey, your inner light could glow up again, healing the wounds of your femininity, such as relationship challenges, health, transgenerational wounds, and intimacy.

Applying Cycle Supportive Diet

After many doctor's appointments, you've been only offered pills as a treatment?
Neither of the professionals advised you to look into your diet nor asked you about your eating habits?

I've been following the over 5,000-year-old traditions of Ayurveda with a contemporary perspective for many years and applying it to my own life. Therefore, I know that food is medicine for us. By creating a personalized diet, we can further support your hormonal balance, and achieve regular, healthy monthly cycles.

Creating Your Own Cyclical Lifestyle

Have you realized not everything works the same way throughout the whole duration of your menstrual cycle?

You'll learn why you function during the different phases of your female cycle, and how to apply certain therapy tools (e.g. lifestyle therapy) to support yourself in the best possible way during each phase. I will teach you how to live your whole month the natural way with joy.

Supporting Your Fertility

Are you trying for a baby but haven't been successful yet, and there are no answers?
Have you been labeled as "infertile"?

It's important to be aware of physical issues, however, our medical system rarely checks problems beneath the surface on a mental and emotional level. These are also inevitable to be addressed for healthy individuals and their capability to conceive.

Benefits of 1-to-1 Lifestyle Therapy

Focus on Your Goals

You have a specified goal or certain health condition you wish to work on, and you need support to reach positive results!

More Me-Time for You

You're looking for me-time and wish to focus inwards, but couldn't allow it to yourself just yet - this is your opportunity!

Flexibility of Time

While group sessions lack the flexibility due to their fixed time & date, you can book your lifestyle therapy sessions in the most suitable slots - daytime or evening, doesn't matter!

Reduced Stress Levels

By applying personalized stress management and mindfulness techniques, you can handle everyday challenges along with stress a lot more efficiently!

Instant Feedback

Group sessions and workouts are limited in many ways, however, you receive full focus during your personalized lifestyle therapy session. As a result, you can improve more efficiently at a faster pace.

Lifestyle Therapy is for You, if you

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Also, you can receive further clarification on how this holistic method could benefit your overall healing.

Close up on a woman's back holding leaf branche during lifestyle therapy

1-to-1 Lifestyle Therapy includes

Single Session

£ 60 / session
  • A Good Start
  • Great For New Explorers
  • Zero Commitments
  • Pay As You Go

4-session Bundle

£ 200 / bundle
  • Excellent For Regulars
  • Best For The Committed Ones
  • Extra £40 In Your Pocket
  • Valid For 2 Months

Every journey starts with a small step forward and a caring decision about ourselves.

Get in touch with me if you’re ready to begin your journey towards healing and embracing your femininity!

You deserve to take that step!