Dia Dornyai

Dia Dornyai

Flexibility Training

This 1:1 online flexibility training is for you if you’re an adult who’s just starting their flexy-bendy journey or got stuck in their progress.

You can also benefit from mobility and flexibility sessions if you’re looking to boost your athletics performance, enhance recovery after a gym workout, or improve the quality of your everyday life.

Benefits of 1:1 Flexibility Trainings

Focus on Your Goals

You have a specific goal you want to work on, and now you get the support to reach positive results within a reasonable time!

More Free Time

By working on your backbends and opening your hips online, you save a lot of time on travel and commute, which gives you a meaningful amount of extra free time!

Flexibility of Time

While group sessions lack flexibility due to their fixed time & date, you can schedule your 1:1 flexibility training sessions in the most suitable slots - daytime, evening, weekdays, or weekends, I got you covered!

Instant Feedback

Group sessions are limited in many ways. However, you receive full attention during our personalized 1:1 training sessions. As a result, you'll achieve your milestones and goals more efficiently and at a faster pace.

1-to-1 Flexibility Training is for You, if you want to

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This is a one-time casual online chat over Zoom where you can get answers to your questions related to our flexibility training.

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1-to-1 Flexibility Training Includes

Single Session

£ 60 / session
  • A Good Start
  • Great For New Explorers
  • Zero Commitments
  • Pay As You Go

4-session Bundle

£ 200 / bundle
  • Excellent For Regulars
  • Best For The Committed Ones
  • Extra £40 In Your Pocket
  • Valid For 2 Months